Olive + Fig: a creative company, born from the passion for creativity + business

We were all born for something. And that something thing is to create. From business solutions, to website masterpieces, creativity can bridge culture gaps and lead people to their purpose.

My mission is to connect businesses + people to their God given purpose. Through creativity we can partner together to create successful business solutions, top-notch brands, and designs that tell the real story.




I’m a creative entrepreneur, always dabbling in something new. I thrive off of creativity and people. I’m a 7 on the enneagram, but sometimes I feel like more like a 3.

I empower small businesses, creatives, and individuals alike, to really dig into their purpose and their big (business) goals. Business brings people together. We all have dreams, and my #1 goal is for you to know, show up, and believe in your dreams and find scalable solutions to be profitable + successful. From a business plan, to a logo, it’s about the dream that started it all.


Are you in?


So…. where do we start?

Olive + Fig & Co. is a full service creative company that specializes in graphic design, web design, brand development & photography. I am a creative enthusiast working to bring dreamers dreams into fruition. My style is real, authentic, and original.  It all starts with an idea. From logos, to websites, to the full launch of your new business, let’s turn your ideas into reality. 


A little history....

The journey started during my college years at Abilene Christian University. I was working towards a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in graphic design. I discovered a deep desire to help people to advance their gifts and dreams. Everywhere I went, everyone I talked to had a dream. I saw a need to pair in with dreamers to help define, create, and execute their business goals. From starting new businesses, to helping current businesses put a brand to their name, I have seen amazing growth and happiness with my clients who have found or defined their identities with the help of O+F. 



F U N   F A C T S 

What I’m currently listening to:

My Favorite Murder! (where my murderino’s at?!), Gold Digger Podcast, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Marketing Secrets with Russel Brunson, and currently bingeing: The Dropout. (I have more, but I’ll spare the long list)


Biggest Accomplishment: 

Owning Olive + Fig ;)


How I spend Friday Nights:

Mexican Food and a new movie with my fiancé. 

My style could be described as....

Athletic chic? Even when I go to the office, my style is lax, but put together none-the-least.


I love to...

Entertain and host people, cook great food, and weekend trips. Especially weekend trips.


How I get inspired:

Podcasts(!!), passionate people and discovering new things. 



What I binge watch:

GOT(yep, hopped that bandwagon), Peaky Blinders, Greys Anatomy, & New Girl


How I get recharged:

introvert me: quiet Saturday mornings & watching bethel.tv

extrovert me: catching up with girlfriends @ a fun hangout


My drink of choice: 

Whiskey + Coke, yes please!


If You're at the edge of your seat wanting to know more, let's hangout!

Instagram is definitely a cool place to hang out, stay connected, and support one another. 

And email is still cool, I promise.