It's...Just Dandy!

Just Dandy thrives on relationships and the community that has supported our store from the beginning. Just Dandy has served the down town Cheyenne area for the past 43 years with an authentic shopping experience and will continue to provide a wide selection of modern fashion to our customers and friends alike.

O+F had the grand opportunity to bring the unique style of Just Dandy to the online world. Because Just Dandy has such a large customer base all over the U.S., there was a dire need to bring their cultural flare online--a place where customers could go to shop their favorite styles from wherever they may be. 

This project was unique to O+F because of their large inventory and their already-established brand presence. Instead of developing a business model and creating a new brand identity, O+F's role was to communicate and publicize Just Dandy Online. Just Dandy has cultivated loyal customers by word-of-mouth and print advertising. With the new e-commerce launch, social media, print ads, and in-store ads were utilized to generate interest about the new 

O+F is ecstatic about the new! From product photos, to social media strategy, all hard work has paid off. People are LOVING the new Just Dandy Online. 

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