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DIY Industrial-style clothing rack

DIY Industrial-style clothing rack

Lowe's, Home Depot = happy creative warehouse. If only my budget fit my wish list! But this project was definitely budget-friendly. The end result was a pleasing combination of practical and aesthetic. 

If you don't have a closet, or need more closet space, this rack can add style and storage to your space.

I used:

1 -  2x10 piece of wood cut @ 3' 4"

Wood Finish espresso stain & Wood Finish clear varnish

1 - 3/4 in. 3 ft. galvanized pipe

2 - 3/4 in. 4 ft. galvanized pipe 

2 - 3/4 in. galvanized floor range

2 - 3/4 in. 90 degree elbow joints

4 - 2 inch rubber swivel caster wheels

4 packs of 6 #14 x 1 in. Philips Square Drive Pan-Head Full Thread Zinc Coated Multi-Material Screw 

I used an orbit sander, but hand sanding with paper could work too

Medium grit paper for your orbit sander

1) AQUIRE ALL APPROPRIATE MATERIALS. Get your board cut to the right length. I had my board cut at Lowe's. Prepare your board by sanding out rough ridges, knots, or rugged edges. I rounded my corners to prevent injury in case I happen to run into the rack in the middle of the night, or something crazy like that. 

2) STAIN YOUR WOOD. After you have sanded out ridges and edges, take a old washcloth and stain your board. I used plastic gloves to prevent staining of my fingers. Rub down your board so it holds and even tone. Wait about 24 hours for your stain to dry and fully seep into the wood. 

3) ADD WHEELS. Gather your four wheels and your screws. Align your wheels so they match up with each other. I placed my wheels 2' in. The metal base for the wheels needs to be as flush with the outside edge of the board so that your rack will stand and not tip over. Screw in your wheels and turn your board over. 

4) ASSEMBLE THE PIPE. Put together all the pieces of your pipe. This is the best way to measure out how far you need your floor ranges to be to screw into the top of your board. I had a helper hold the assembled pipe for me while I made sure each floor range was in the center of the board. You can mark the center of your board on each side to make sure that your floor ranges are even and straight.

5) TAKE A PIC. You now have a standing clothing rack! It's not real unless you Instagram it.