CELEBRATING 365 days for olivefigandco.com

It is the official birthday of olivefigandco.com! It's been my little corner of the internet to share with your for a whopping 365 days. April 10th, you are NOT just another day. 

Over the course of a year there have been countless adventures, priceless memories made, and a few struggles in between. In less than a month I will have been out of college for a full year. WOW, time does fly. Some could say that I have fallen short of societal expectation. I do not have what some call "a real job".  I do not have a boss. And I do not make a six figure income. But I'll let you in on something...society's expectation of "making it big" and being "successful" is actually a complete JOKE. 

What I HAVE done, is found ultimate happiness in the unconventional. I have discovered my love for people, passion for creative design, and true desire to serve the One who gave me my gifts in the first place. 

Welcome to my office! Always filled with project scraps, good tunes, and my dog Whiskey. 

Welcome to my office! Always filled with project scraps, good tunes, and my dog Whiskey. 

In 365 days I have graduated from College.  Moved from TX back to CO. Explored the idea of moving into the Corporate world. Worked in Wyoming for a while.  Built 6 different websites. Wondered a few times "WHAT am I doing". Cried over a bad haircut. Worked with over 15 wonderful clients--most of which have become great friends. And I've learned A LOT. A lot about myself, my capabilities, my talents, and my desire to cultivate a life unlike any other. 

Olive + Fig was founded out of the idea that I thought I could offer my creativity and design skills to people, businesses, and entrepreneurs. You know, the people that have great ideas but no way to turn those ideas into reality? That is --more than likely-- YOU. It all starts with an idea. I would have never guessed that I would be back in the small community where I grew up, but I'll tell ya-- It has been better than I ever would have guessed. And I know that even though it may not be my forever home, where I am today serves a purpose for where I will be tomorrow. 

So today I am CELEBRATING! Celebrating the beauty in the unconventional, ALL of the clients I have been blessed to work with, all of the long hours and frustrations, taxes I owe the government for being a small business, and most importantly this business that I get to call mine. 

And we took some pictures. 

And we took some pictures. 

Happy Birthday olivefigandco.com!