Album Cover Love--LiveWater releases their first single

It's a bucket list type of thing. I have a never ending list of to-do's, want-to's, and gotta-see's. Designing an album cover is one of those things that hits all three. 

I don't believe in coincidence. But I do believe in divine encounters. Every Olive+Fig project has been more than a transaction of time and money. So it's funny (and SO very awesome) how new friends or meeting new people always holds the opportunity to turn into a project for O+F.  

This time, two guys--let me note: extremely gifted--singing, songwriting, praising Jesus, and ropin' some steers too. (not listed in any certain order ;)) They reached out to me and asked that I design their album cover for their first single, Road To Vegas. 

Drum roll please......

Road To Vegas Single | Now available on  iTunes

Road To Vegas Single | Now available on iTunes

You can find LiveWater on Facebook, so make sure and go like their page!